Our Tastings

SipSoc workshops are normally two hours and we open six wines.

We want you to feel like you are getting the most out of your own buying decisions regardless of where you are or the choices you have. 

Our modern approach and style also guarantees fun along the way. Here's just a few ideas of popular events


We can bespoke any of our tastings below to fit your requirements. Each one comes with it's own information booklet so you can focus on tastes and flavours, keep all new facts learnt in one place and build up your own SipSoc library

ReWined- The SipSoc version of an intro to wine

Going backwards is sometimes the fastest way to move forward.

Take a fresh look at grapes and learn what differentiates them. Even if you drink some varieties more regularly than others, by learning the reasons you like them your understanding of wine will naturally develop. 

Suitable for everyone -there are a few facts and ways to look at wine that make it really easy to simplify.

Taste Buddies- Which Beatle/ Spice Girl are you?

Are you a supertaster? And is this even a good thing? 

The best place to start understanding wine is with you and your palate. You  may find some Taste Buddies who like the same as you. 

We've named different palates after a Beatle or Spice Girl so you can work out what why you like certain tastes and what other wines you may enjoy.  

And yes, it involves goggles and blue tongues.

#TasteFace- Exploring new flavour combos

Learn how food groups affect your taste buds and how they can completely transform a wine.


Through a series of fun experiments involving mixing tastes, you’ll learn how to navigate your way round a wine list and how to manipulate food and wine pairings so your TasteFace is always a good one- we don't want you looking like you're sucking on sour lemons!

Sip to the Beat- Bob Dylan or Bob Marley with the Pinot?

Would it blow your mind to learn a wines taste can change depending on what music is on? 

Yes, most people are pretty sceptical. And we admit before we started our own experiments we didn't know this either.


This is now one of our favourite workshops. Oh, the look of surprise on our Sipologist's faces! 

Interesting wines, multiple tunes and a chance to test your favourite beats.

SipPop- Or realistically multiple Pops and even more Sips

We love bubbles. 


But with so many options out there, how do you know you’re getting the right style for your palate and occasion?


Delving into the world of sparkling wines, we explore the various options out there so that you know when you’re picking up a bargain and why and when to pay the bigger bucks, if at all.

Virtual options- For when getting together isn't practial

We had so much success with our virtual tastings during those rather tedious Lockdowns we've decided to continue offering them. 

Whether it's because your family and friends all live far apart or you just don't want colleagues in your front room, bring smiles and laughs to the screen by becoming Sipologists.

We have a few excellent options for all budgets to get you buying your own or receiving our exciting parcels through your post box.


We want to keep everything as transparent as possible- we give you so many insights into wine pricing, margins and how best get a bargain it would be hypercritical for us not to be. 

We price our tastings on a case-by-case basis as it depends on numbers of people in a group, the level of wines you require* and how bespoke you want to be with food, for example.


*We open wines described as premium, super and ultra-premium by the trade. 

To put that into context they're normally wines between £10-50 a bottle (£30-100 in a restaurant.)  

We do not sell the wine but will be able to tell you where you can buy them if you have a particualr favourite. Our aim is to teach you  how to navigate through the world of wine rather than fixate on producers or brands so you have confidence to buy a bottle of wine wherever you may be.

We don't just turn up with the wine and glasses, we have all sorts of other equipment and kit for each tasting to guide you through the tastings. 

We will be working with local cheesemongers and other food companies to maintain quailty of foods brought too. 

If you are a supplier and want to work together do get in touch.

Gift Cards

If you’re lucky enough to have been given a gift card...

...there are all sorts of ways to spend it. Have a browse through the website or get in touch and we can help find something that's just right for you and your party.

If you think this would be a great gift...

...our gift cards can be personalised with a message from you and sent to an unlimited number of people or to you to give out.

These have proven to be a very popular family Christmas/ Birthday present- get all the over 18s  sorted in one hit with an event you can all look forward to in the up and coming year! 

Tastings can we sorted out either on purchase or at a later date.